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Goodwood 2012 - Chevron GT3

European GT4

The Chevron GT4 competes successfully in European GT4, and is eligible for British GT, Britcar, Dutch Supercar, GT Cup, Swedish GT, V de V, VLN Endurance and Barcelona 24hrs.


High Performance, with low running costs, we have cars available now for 2017 season.
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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012

Winner of the 2012 Top 20 Shoot out for the Hill Climb at Goodwood, Anthony Reid achieved this in a time of 46.46 seconds, an average speed of 117mph.

Cholmondeley Pageant of Power 2013

Jordan Witt's fastest time with the Chevron GT3 won the Sports Racing Car class  with a time of 60.71 seconds, for the Cholmondeley Speed trials in 2013.
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Chevron History
Chevron, is one of the most famous names in motorsport history, with seventeen Grand Prix winners and eight world Champions driving a Chevron Race car at some point during their career.

The Chevron came from humble origins with the first car – the Chevron B1 clubman’s car, being built in a lock up garage in Bolton in 1965.
The Chevron B1 was the brainchild of Derek Bennett, a name synonymous with the name Chevron.

Within a few years Chevron was at the forefront of motor racing in Britain, and across the world with wins in Formula Three, Formula Two, Formula Atlantic and Formula 5000 categories, as well as in major sports car races and series.

The cars were always designed by Derek Bennett himself, and manufactured by Derek Bennett Engineering, trading under the Chevron name.

As well as Motorsport, Dereck Bennett had other interests, including the relatively new sport of hang gliding, and unfortunately, in March 1978, Derek Bennett had a serious accident whilst hang gliding, and succumbed to his injuries a few days later. 

The Chevron management team at Bolton struggled on for two seasons, but without Derek as their leader they were no longer designing race winning cars, and in January 1980 the company went into liquidation.

The assets were purchased by a consortium of Scottish businessmen and enthusiasts led by ‘Laurence Jacobsen and Robin Smith. Everything including the drawings, patterns, jigs and stock were transferred to Smiths’ workshop near Glasgow.

Unluckily, the company floundered again, and all of the Assets and Intellectual Property were purchased by Roger Andreason and Tim Colman in October 1983, who registered the “Chevron” name.

Under the new ownership of Roger & Tim, new cars were designed for Formula Ford 1600 and 2000 categories as well as Sports 2000, Thundersports and even Group C and IMSA series.

For a brief period between 2006 and 2011, Chris Smith (previously owner of Westfield Sports cars) was a shareholder, but, all of the Chevron Cars Ltd company shares reverted to Roger and Tim in August 2011.

In 2012, Chevron Cars Ltd was purchased by David Witt, who split the company into two parts, Chevron Cars Ltd & Chevron Heritage Ltd.

Chevron Cars now manufacture current specification GT cars, and Chevron Heritage Limited, provides restoration and repair services and spare parts for pre-2007 Chevron models.

All the original drawings, body moulds, jigs and patterns and the Chevron Brand are owned by Chevron Cars Ltd, which also owns the trademarks of specific models such as Chevron B8, Chevron B16, Chevron B19 etc.

As such, only Chevron Heritage can manufacture Chevron continuation cars, and all of the Trademarks are protected, and any trademark breaches will be dealt with accordingly.

A Press Release in December 2016 stated that the ownership of the Chevron brand and IP has changed hands but this is incorrect, as the Chevron Brand and all IP still are owned by Chevron Cars Ltd and Chevron Heritage Ltd.

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